About me

I am a mathematician at Amherst College, specializing in algebraic geometry and combinatorics. Much of my work revolves around connections between Young tableaux and algebraic curves. My teaching includes courses at all levels, and I particularly enjoy teaching courses involving programming.

I grew up in Seattle, and still miss the mountains all around, but I am a happy East coast transplant. I enjoy the snowy winters and all the scenery around the Pioneer valley. When time and childcare schedules allow it, I cycle along the Norwottuck Rail Trail from my home in Northampton to the Amherst campus, and can be found exploring the surrounding area by bicycle.

Spring 2023 Courses:

Math 121 — Intermediate Calculus

This course is focused on integration techniques, series, and parametric/polar equations.

Math 252 — Mathematics of Public-Key Cryptography

This course concerns the mathematical problems underlying public-key ciphers and digital signatures, as well as algorithms to solve them. Topics include disc...