Recommendation letters

I write many recommendation letters per year, and it is a very important part of my job. To help the process run as smoothly as possible, please review this information before requesting a reference.


Request any references at least four weeks in advance, and send me all supporting materials at least two weeks before the first deadline.

What I need from you

Please send me all of the following information when requesting a reference. Even if I have written for you before, it is useful to have the information in one place.

  1. A short summary of our interactions in classes you’ve taken from me, especially any anecdotes or aspects of your work that you think I should highlight in the letter.
  2. Your CV / resume.
  3. Your transcript.
  4. Everything you will submit with your application (drafts are fine).
  5. Names of your other letter writers.
  6. A brief description of the programs or jobs to which you are applying, with deadlines.
  7. Detailed submission instructions, including where I should send letters and any submission webpages.


If a deadline is several days away and I have not yet submitted my letter, please send me a gentle reminder.