Math 121: Intermediate Calculus (Spring 2023)

This course is focused on integration techniques, series, and parametric/polar equations.

I previously taught this course in Spring 2018. At the link, you can find some materials from that version of the course.

Time and location

  • Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, 11:00-11:50am in SMUD 204.

Help hours

  • My tentative office hours in SMUD 401:
    • Tuesday 2:00-3:30
    • Wednesday 2:30-4:00
    • Friday 1:30-2:30

Handouts and other items


Problem sets will be posted here. All problem sets are due at 10pm, on Gradescope.


There will be three midterms and a three hour final exam. Further information and sample exams will be posted here soon.