Math 19: Calculus 2 for Physics and Engineering (Fall 2014)

A second-semester course in calculus, geared towards students interested in physics and engineering.


Textbook and readings

  • Calculus by Gilbert Strang. This will be our primary text for the course. You can purchase it from the bookstore or use it online for free.
  • 10/01 Complex nth roots Notes on finding complex solutions to an equation z^n=c.
  • 10/15 Differential Equations Some topics in differential equations. This document is still being updated as we cover more material (last update, 10/16).
  • 11/05 Convergence tests summary
  • 11/07 Taylor Approximation.
  • Fourier Series by James Stewart.
  • Complex Fourier Series (focuses on the case of finite Fourier series, sometimes called trigonometric polynomials)
  • Fourier series and differential equations
  • Problem sets and solutions

    Solutions will be posted after class on the due date of each assignment.

    Exams and solutions

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    Student notes

    Students in the class have kindly provided their notes for the following lectures.